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Affirmations of work and excellence – Emotional Master

Affirmations of work and excellence. Affirmations of harmony. I am full of love, joy. I have created physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abundance in my life. Thanks to God. Affirmations of harmony. The happiness allows me to love, to respect and to admire relatives, friends, partners, employees and other beings who surround to me; I […]

Farm town Facebook – Tricks – Earn more

Farm town is a fun game for Facebook, we give some tips to have fun, earn virtual money and save time. Higher Level. If we want to increase rapidly level in Farm town, is better to plant potatoes, it have the same score as other products, more expensive and are harvested in a single day. Later, […]

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder is based on Yoga Exercises, they help us besides to recover our flexibility and good health also, with the mental development and rites which resemble yoga postures. Called rites – gray hair  Searching for the fountain. Peter Kelder gives us an story that claims to be true, […]