Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder is based on Yoga Exercises, they help us besides to recover our flexibility and good health also, with the mental development and rites which resemble yoga posturesCalled rites – gray hair 

Searching for the fountain. Peter Kelder gives us an story that claims to be true, how he got to know the Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth.

Like everybody know there is a himalayan mountains lies a secret included increased energy weight loss, exercises with mystical age reversing and mystical age reversing properties. 

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. Peter Kelder

To be successful with the Tibetan exercises of eternal youth you must follow a series of indications.

Those who begin to practice the exercises of Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youthby Peter Kelder, with discipline for a few days, when discover the results become them in a part of their daily lives. Most people currently don’t find easily time for making exercises, this is a very practical way – at the same time full us of the deepest wisdom – of maintaining healthy and with good shape.

… is based on Yoga Exercises, they help us besides to recover our flexibility and good health also, with the mental development.

The Ancient Secret Fountain of Youth Mystery

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Video Peter Kelder. The Eye of Revelation. Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. I week. Engl

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Affirmations of harmony »

The secret: Thoughts. The secret movie tell us about to make an Imaginary Board.

Let’s make a list of our desires: Everything we want to attract. Let’s make an affirmation in present tense of every “thing”.

Then we are going to read those daily affirmations to think and fell that we alreadly have them. The thoughts become reality.

The secret

Imagine, for example, you have a new home, look how it is, see the rooms, windows, how are they?. The walls. What color they have?
How do you feel in the new house. The garden, the scent of flowers, the rooms…

Let’s go to visualize, to feel emotions, seeing and feeling that we already have it: As we see in the film.

practicar la pelcula el secreto

The secret talks us about the Law of Attraction, explains how can use it in our daily live.

After seeing the movie The secret, I feel more happy, healthy, strong and confident that I’m going to achieve my goals. Carmencita. Mexico. DF.

We create in our mind, health, money, love and all the best in our lives.

It is not a secret, since ancient times we were told that we are what we think, some do not believe that is true, other think that it can not be so easy, some people believe in The secret but they don’t make the process, or are not constant, some visualize, write down their goals and are so depressed that only create what they see in their resentment.

The secret tells us to look at how we feel, because we are handled by the emotions and if we learn to control them, we can change our lives. If we feel bad: Let’s remember those vacations where we enjoy the joy of living, or let’s stroke our pet, remember that baby so cute when he hugs to us.

  • The secret has brought me joy and happiness. Irma.

Often we remain in an unwanted situation…
If I have my goals written and visualize them why don’t my conditions change? Because we continue thinking in scarcity, in the time that we were offendend by somebody, when we were sick, in the debt that is not be able to erase from our memory…

Let’s change our thought, and let’s forgive those situations that come to the mind:

  • Sorry, I love you

It is a very easy way to forgive and change our situation.

The secret does not work with resentful people, if we forgive and show gratitude by some situation for what we learned, we will see very soon our goals made. The secret works with thankful people, glad, happy.

The secret thoughts

Everything we want to attract. Let’s make an affirmation in present time of every “thing”.

Book of Gratitude. The secret

Let’s make a dialy list of everything we are grateful… Let’s concentrate on the most precious of our lives.
Do not you like your partner? Find their positives aspect, what you have to thank. Your partner: Write it in the Book of Gratitude.

Do not you want to have the same car?

Be grateful, love it and thank it for all he has given to you.



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